Nominate Penn State Forward

If you're a Penn State alum, you can nominate! This is your opportunity to usher in lasting, sustainable change at Penn State — at the highest level. We aim to advance climate action, educational equity, student safety, and transparent and inclusive governance at Penn State.

To nominate the amazing Penn State Forward candidates, complete all steps below, 1 through 4. Email us at if you have any questions or problems! 

1. Enter your information

2. Find OR request your ballot, sent by email

Check your email to see if you've received a message from titled ‘PSU Alumni Trustee Nomination Ballot.’ You should check your 'spam' or 'junk' folder as well. 

If you've received this email: 

The email contains a link; it looks like this:   To Vote Click Here

Click your personal link to go to the nomination form. Then, follow steps 3 and 4 on this webpage!

If you have not received this email: 

Request a ballot at the Microsoft Form here: 



After requesting, you should receive this ballot within 2 business days. Once you receive your ballot, return to this site for instructions on how to complete the nomination process. If you don't receive a ballot, contact us at, so we can help you!

3. Fill out your nomination ballot

Fill out your nomination ballot like the picture below.

BoT Electionn.PNG

4. Submit your nomination ballot

Submit your ballot by clicking 'next.' 

On the next page, ensure your submitted information looks like the picture below.

BoT Electionn.PNG

Then, check the participation consent box at the bottom of the page, and hit 'submit.' 

PSU BoT Nomination.PNG

After hitting 'submit,' you should see a confirmation page (picture below). If you do not land on this page, please contact us at, so we can help! 

PSU BoT Nomination.PNG